Bikini Bag

After swimming, put your wet swimsuit in the bikini bag. Fun and efficient, the Wickelfisch bikini bag is lined inside with a waterproof coating to protect your objects such as wallet, mobile phone, etc. from being wet.

  • String closure
  • Cool Design
  • Waterproof inner linen
Sac de Bikini

Wickelfisch original waterproof bags to protect all sizes of belongings

Wickelfisch waterproof bags are made out of ripstop nylon that we make waterproof. Just put your stuff, your phone, your wallet, your keys in, then roll 7 times the opening on itself and in one click, the Wickelfisch bags are completely closed. Air does not come out and water does not enter. Well inflated and not too heavy, they will float with you whether you take them on your shoulder or around your waist when you go in the water or for your nautical activities. The Wickelfisch take place on board and look great around the mast of your sailboat, under the dinghy bench, in the tender or on the paddle. And if you can't use your tender, put your stuff in your waterproof Wickelfisch bag and swim to the shore, get dressed and voila! We offer them in 3 sizes and numerous colors.

  • 3 different sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof and ripstop
  • Sooo Cool!
Les Wickelfisch pour protéger toutes vos affaires

Wickelfisch waterproof backpack to keep everything dry

The sealing principle is the same as that of Wickelfisch bags. You wrap the top of the backpack 7 times on itself and it is 100% waterproof to protect anything that needs to stay dry. The difference is that it is a backpack that allows you to have your hands free on all occasions like for SUP, canoeing, cycling, walking and all water sports. With 2 capacities of 30 and 16 liters they will easily contain clothes for two plus a towel and your valuables, phone, wallet... There are five colors plus new designs. Robust, waterproof, easy to wear, it adapts to all conditions and in addition it is beautiful !!

  • Great and visible colors
  • Two volumes of 30 and 16 Liters
  • Very resistant and 100% waterproof
  • Keep your hands free at all times!
Le sac à dos étanche de Wickelfisch pour tout emporter au sec

Wickelfisch cloakroom and towel

With your microfiber beach cabin, you have 2 parts in one: A mobile cloakroom and a towel, to change and dry yourself, neither seen nor known in the crowd or not. And in addition it goes in a waterproof Wickelfisch bag!

  • Dimensions: 120 cm x 80 cm
  • 100% polyester - Dries fast
  • Available in orange and green
La cabine de plage de Wickelfisch