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just because ...

How many times have we wanted to cross a river and have had to raise our arms above our heads with clothes, a picnic bag so as not to get anything wet and we found ourselves in the water after sliding!

And as we do like sailing, the first dinghy trips to the beach were not so perfect ending up in losing our cameras and valuables underwater.

Since we discovered the Wickelfisch waterproof bags, we are enjoying all these moments knowing that what we bring with us will always stay dry. And we decided to import and distribute the Brand to France!!

For all water activities

We naturally have tested all the models in the Southern part of France on canoe, kayaks, stand up paddles. Then at the beach swimming some long hauls and we approved all models

The small S Wickelfisch are really perfect to bring all valuables with you while at the beach to avoid tempting thieves for example, or lots of other uses.

To test our accessories just pick a nice beach! go swimming and use the Wickelfisch poncho towel and change your bathing suit that you will place in a bikini bag for wet swimsuit Easy test !! Then just go to the bar and have a drink without being soaking wet..

Waterproof Wickelfisch bags and back packs are what you need to keep your belongings dry at the beach, pool, on a bike, during watersports activities etc… !!

Wickelfisch items are the Stars of your Summer!

And even for all seasons as they are so thin once folded that they fit in your luggage! Totally waterproof, we propose 3 sizes in the Wickelfisch range: S of 3 liters , M of 16 liters and L of 28 liters ) plus a waterproof backpack in a 30 liters version and a 16 liters one as well to keep your hands free. With 10 different colors and 4 sizes, you will easily find the one that suits you! Learn how to fold them as shown on the products page.

Where can you find Wickelfisch products and accessories?

Please check on our “Shops” link or order them directly online on this website.We’ll ship them with reduced shipping costs.

The Wickelfisch family wishes you the best moments with your Wickelfisch bags. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question you may have.